Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Armourfast T-34/85 build - Part 4

Some small progress on this build - I've just put the finishing touches to my T-34/85 hull. The principal 'improvements' (minus those already mentioned) include:

> Addition of infantry grab rails
> Extra additional external fuel tank (the T-34/85 carried 3 and not 2 as included in the stock kit)
> added detail to the external fuel tanks including new retaining straps, fuel caps and side handles
> 'Improved' head lap (drilled out) and lamp wiring
> Slightly improved tool box
> Addition of PSC spare T-34 track on front and Pegasus saw on side
> Modification of front fenders from early rounded to later angled ones

I did the angled fenders to represent a later model T-34/85, but I also wanted to include these parts as brass components so I could dent them up to show some wear and tear. I will bend the edges with some pliers later to show damage.

I could have gone further but I want to move on with this model and I think there is sufficient detail now to satisfy me. besides, some of teh remailing detailing I could have done would tax my eyesight too much!  ;)

NEXT: On to the turret!

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