Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stash addition - GMC M7 Small Arms Repair Truck

Thinking about what vehicles would support any WW2 Soviet armoured formation I started looking into repair and recovery vehicles. It's pretty easy to knock up a tank recovery vehicle as the Red Army simply used turretless versions of their T-34, but I did by chance come across a specialist vehicle at my local model store - GMC's M7 repair shop truck.

The Red Army deployed several different field repair shop trucks - notably converted Zis trucks - but they also made use of lend-lease American 2.5 ton GMC 6x6 vehicles. These appear to be used during the late war period, indeed the decals included in the kit are for two 1945 era examples (one US ARmy and the other Red Army).

The PST model is described as a 'small arms repair truck', but I *believe* this variant was a general field workshop which supplied a repair shop for all types of units. According to the PST instruction sheet 95 examples of this mobile workshop were supplied to the Soviets during the war.

To be honest this would be a really easy conversion job for something like Pegasus Hobbies GMC cargo truck set. But it seemed too much of a good thing finding it in my local store, so I snapped it up.

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