Friday, 17 February 2012

Featured work - Snow hunter

Florin David is a modeler who has become something of an inspiration to me. I like weathered tanks, it suits my grungy graphic artist aesthetic so his wonderfully winter weathered SU-122 really impressed me...

What particularly intrigues me about this model is that I am just about to try an experiment with the 'hairspray technique' on my remaining Armourfast SU-85 to give it a similar snow camo white washed effect. Additionally, Florin has chosen an interesting variant of the SU series that mounts a 122mm howitzer, but otherwise it's the same hull and superstructure as the SU-85.

This provides a good opportunity for me to try out a conversion of my SU-85. Though what makes the job easier is that the second variant of the SU-122 used a more conventional 122mm gun that didn't have the distinctive and enlarged gun mount that you see on the picture above.

Above: The 122mm howitzer U-11 or D-6 in ball mounting on the SU85 chassis. Photo from Henk of Holland web site. As you can see, apart from the barrel, there is no difference between this and the basic SU-85 - so a very easy conversion job!

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