Friday, 10 February 2012

Featured work - A Gentleman's relish of Soviet tanks

As I'm deep into my Armourfast T-34/85 build I am currently surfing around looking for reference information and inspiration. I came across this thread in the excellent Society of Gentleman Gamers forum and it just blew me away, this is a level of quality in finish I aspire to...

I love the deep rich paint job (a darker green than I would have thought of using for my Soviet WW2 models) and the exquisite work on the weld and casting marks.  There has also obviously been a good deal of detailing work going on as well as the addition of stowage.

This is the work of a SoGG forum member called panzerfaust200 and was apparently a commission he took on to produce a small armoured fleet for a client. He did a range of Soviet armour including some tank destroyers and the heavy IS-2s and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

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