Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quick '39 Chevy Truck Part 7

Progressing between other jobs, I have now 'closed up' the hole I made in order to excavate the cab interior of my solid resin Valiant truck model. I have also made some very rudimentary underside detail including a simple driveshaft.

Obviously as this part of the model will be conveniently hidden I don't have to do too much to this area, but I did want to neaten it up. I've also tried to make slots to securely hold the axels in place, just to make sure the wheels are all nice and level...

But...I haven't finished with the underside of this truck yet. I haven't fixed the axels into place as I want to add 'mud' and other weathering effects to the underside before fixing the wheels permanently into place. Getting into the underside of the mudguards - for example - is a bit tricky with the wheels attached.

First job is to spray the underside with a coat of the base - Light Olive - colour and then give the whole truck a light coat of satin varnish before moving on to the basic pin-washing phase.

Ready to begin pin-washing. My Chevy now has a windscreen and I've just
applied the Finnish 'SA' number plates.
I then go through my tried and tested process of pin-washing, dusting, weathering, chipping and then highlighting. I seem to have this procedure off-pat now, well at least for olive drab vehicles.

Above: Here's an interesting shot of a 1939 model Chevrolet truck in German Army service. The caption read: "Truck, type VD, converted with the Trado kit. The captured vehicles were still years in the German army." I think what the bad Google translation means is that the Germans kept captured Allied - in this case Dutch - vehicles in service for many years. I'm not sure what a 'Trado kit' is, but at a guess maybe it's the addition of the rear duel axel modification (which wasn't standard with '39 Chevrolet models but I believe was made by the Dutch DAF company for the German army).

Next: Pin-washing and weathering.


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    1. Thanks Paul. It's funny, I know this isn't a terrifically accurate or stunning model but because of the semi-scratch conversion I am very pleased with it. The fact that I have got something this is quite unique, even if it's not brilliant, is very satisfying. I'd like to try out another similar conversion, they are enjoyable to do.