Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pegasus 1/72 German Army Truck - Part 10

As promised, my Pegasus 'German Army Trucks' are now finished! Hooray!

I should remind you that there was - as usual - a bit of experimentation going on here. The 'yellow' truck was build fairly much 'out the box' (except I added the windscreens), while the 'grey' truck was an attempt to bring the kit up to something approaching 'display standard' with a lot of extra detailing.

Was it worth it? Depends what you want really, I just wanted to show that the Pegasus kit is a very nice one and would suit either a war-gamer or a display builder. (See if you can spot the differences!)

Overall I am quite happy, although some of my weathering experiments didn't quite come off the way I wanted them to. Still, I did learn a lot even if the lesson was 'how not to do something'!

I guess the thing I am most pleased about are the tilt canvas covers which were an experiment using Conte colour drawing pencils (rather than paints)! I admit they obviously do look 'drawn on' but I think it's an interesting style.

Out of the two my favourite is the 'yellow' truck. This was my first attempt at a German tree-colour camo pattern using an airbrush freehand, and I was quite happy with the result. (Part of the reason for doing these trucks was to practise this camo pattern before I attempt the StuG III and Hanomag I will be doing next for my Bolt Action Germans.)

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