Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cheap Ford V3000 (Pt.14) - Finished!

Here's a blast from the past. This Ford V3000 was actually a very early attempt of mine at a conversion, but although I managed the construction part of the project I was - at that point - completely clueless about the painting side of things. So I shelved it (until I thought I could handle the weathering and finishing).

Well, I feel I am moderately adequate at painting now so I finished the project off!

To recap; this conversion was my very first 'cut & shut' attempt, with the bonnet being from that old favourite the Valiant resin V3000 and everything back of that being from the Pegasus 'American Army Truck' kit.

It's supposed to be the Ford American model V3000 in a long-base 'stake truck' format (the difference between this and the German V3000 being the split windscreen). The fenders aren't quite right, but for my first conversion attempt I was quite pleased.

From the point of view of this being part of my 'Rapid Fire' Finnish Continuation War collection this truck represents the HQ Company supply truck.

...Phew! Slowly working through my back-log of stalled projects! :)

Afterthought! Oh I forgot to add...The reason this project came about and is called 'Cheap Ford V3000' is because there is no reasonably priced plastic injection kit of this vehicle on the market in 1/72. The only kit available is an expensive short-run resin kit by Hunor (though there are a couple of resin conversion options, like the MT conversion that I have also built.)

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