Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Forgotten armoured cars

Due to my attic 'man cave' having been out of action for quite some time due to house renovations I was surprised to find quite a few forgotten bits and pieces on my work desk when I started to tidy it up. Among these neglected projects were a finished  project set - my Finnish BA10 & BA20 armoured cars.

So, rather be-latently, here are the completion shots...

ACE BA-20 Light Armoured Car...

UM BA-10 Medium Armoured Car...

The Rapid Fire war game rules and the Finnish armoured cars
Quite why I forgot that I completed this set is a little puzzling because - for me - it's quite an exciting landmark. These two armoured cars represent the very first completed unit in my Finnish Continuation War collection using the Rapid Fire war game rules.

These two models make up the 'Finnish Armoured Car Company (1941-1944)' with the BA-20 being the HQ vehicle (15 points) and the BA-10 representing 'the company' (30 points). The company could be upgraded to 'elite' for 20 extra points, or the BA-10 could be replaced for the very similar BA-6 for no extra cost.

Link back to full project threads:
UM BA-10 Medium Armoured Car
ACE BA-20 Light Armoured Car


  1. I'm astonished that you managed to forget these! Splendid work.

    1. Thanks Tim...

      You haven't seen the amount of crap that has been thrown into 'my' attic though. Until recently I couldn't actually get near to my desk for random rubbish!