Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why I don't like (most) white metal models!

...Is it white metal models I don't like, or just 'cheap' white metal models?

This snapshot shows why I get so grumpy when I have to deal with 'wargaming quality' white metal kits. Note the pile of metal filings...

This is *just* what I removed to 'clean up' the cab. And I haven't even finished yet!

I know it would be fair to say that if I don't like white metal models then I shouldn't buy them. But it's sometimes hard not to when you are looking for a rare vehicle. The other thing is that I simply can't seem to resist a challenge - I get a rabid determination to turn a mediocre model into a nice looking one.

Well, anyway...Maybe instead of moaning on about other peoples' attempts at making model vehicles I should have a go at scratch building my own. That'll shut me up! :)

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