Monday, 10 February 2014

Dusting off Kitnoob for 2014!

Blimey! It's February and this is my first Kitnoob post of 2014!

Well, there's been lots going on - too many hobbies and not enough time. So it's about time I dusted off some of my half-complete projects and got busy with the plastic again.

Top of my list is my Battle of Berlin diorama exercise. So here's a look at where we got to...

A rather poor quality snap of the current state of this diorama - but I want
to save better quality photos for the 'final reveal'.

There isn't actually that much more I want to add as I learned a lot of the things I set out to learn about scratch building architectural scenes. It's far, far from perfect but it's been a lot of fun. I'll definitely do more.

Anyway, aside from this one of my New Years resolutions was to really try hard and concentrate on getting my WW2 Finnish army vehicle project completed this year. So let's remind ourselves of where I was with that...

Top: ACE BA-20 - Bottom: UM BA-10

I'm using the Rapid Fire game rules to design my vehicle units (just to give me a plan, I don't intend to war game with these). So that was my armoured car/reconnaissance squadron.

Next week I will have some real modelling work for you to look at, I promise.


  1. And about time too - I was worrying that we'd lost you to 'virtual' gaming forever!

    1. Oh no! LOL - I do tend to do things in spurts - which is why I have so many hobbies, I trash one for a while then take a short break then come back to it. Attention span of a gold fish I have! ;)

  2. Nice job and from one Goldfish to another, It's about time I got my head out of the entrails of my motorbike and have another crack at those truck wheels!