Saturday, 15 February 2014

1/72 T-20 Komsomoletz model on the drawing board

North Star's concept for a resin and photo etched 1/72 model of the T-20.

Very exciting news (for me anyway) is that there is a proper 1/72 model of the Soviet T-20 artillery tractor on the cards. Fantastic for Soviet and Finnish model army enthusiasts as this fills a hole in the market as up til now anyone wanting one of these has had to make do with one of the shockingly shoddy - or very expensive - 20mm white metal models of this vehicle. Hardly ideal.

My initial attempts to get my hands on a few T-20s for my Finnish Army
project were these 20mm white metal models by Shellhole Scenics & SHQ.

This was quite an important vehicle for the Finns in particular as large numbers were captured from the Soviets during the Winter War and put into service hauling anti-tank guns around. Sometimes these diminutive little vehicles were put to work pulling guns far larger than they were ever intended to pull - like the PAK 38/40 AT gun.

The Soviet T-20 was never designed to tow something as beefy as the German
PAK40, much less a full complement of crew as well! But the Finns were
masters of getting the most out of what little they had!

The thing was that these small tractors were ideal for negotiating the thick woodland areas of the Finnish theatre. So despite being horribly underpowered they were a very welcome addition to the Finnish Army's pool of transport vehicles.

This gives you a good idea of just how small these diddy vehicles were!

Fingers crossed that this model get's off the drawing board as I need about four or more of these for my Finnish Army.

Link: North Star Models - Work in progress 1/72 T-20 Komsomoletz

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  1. I have a Skytrex metal version and a resin kit by Red Star(?). The other three were bodged from Airfix Bren Carriers.....