Monday, 24 February 2014

UM BA-10 - new wheels

I'll keep it short and sweet today...My BA-10 armoured car now has new wheels!

To recap, I was worried that the infamous 'vinyl rot' would affect the UM's rubbery tyres but aside from that the moulded tyres were quite distorted and slightly misshapen. A few of the tyres bulged when fitted to the wheel hubs and looked like they were going to pop off.

Well, I solved this problem when I came across a cheap Pegasus BA-6 kit, this included hard plastic one-piece versions of the wheels and tyres. Bit of an annoying sacrifice - as the Pegasus kit is nice in itself - but I was determined to finish my BA-10.

Well, they aren't perfect - but the new wheels are now on. Next, glossing and the decals.

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