Saturday, 29 June 2013

MiG-15 - Day 2

First hic-up in my plan to complete a kit in a weekend - a big enough task for someone as obsessionally methodical as me - was that I suddenly realised that this weekend featured Armed Forces Day!

The Red Arrows over Scarborough - just one of the highlights of a
spectacular Armed Forces Day.

So, I am already well behind in my own schedule. I had to crack on pretty nippy when I got home...

There isn't much to the cockpit and I have read about others online who have taken the time to accuarize this, but I don't have time or the inclination. I did paint inside areas that would be visible from outside the aircraft. Now let's get the wings on...

The Hobby Boss kit's fuselage is split in a unconventional top/bottom arrangement. The usual left/right split means that you have a seam running down the back of an aircraft kit, the Hobby Boss instead has the seam running along the side of the body. I actually prefer this, it means it's easier to hide.

You are still going to have to get the filler putty out though as there are some large gaps at the wing roots, and the fuselage seam will need some attention as well...

Filling done I shall now have to wait until tomorrow to sand down and attach the last of the components.

The Battle of Britain Flight over Scarborough

...So, the end to a very busy and entertaining day. I'm pooped! Let's hope I can make up some of the lost time tomorrow, I'm aiming to get the paint on by lunch.

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