Wednesday, 19 June 2013

1/100 Tamiya IL-28 Beagle - Part 11...Painting details

Started painting the details today...

Don't look too closely (please) as some of my boo-boos will become obvious. Doing an aircraft turns out to need a whole new set of modelling skills and applied in a different way than those I have gained modelling vehicles.

To be frank, there is a lot you can hide behind 'weathering'! But planes look better pristine (in my opinion), so no fudging by adding some convenient bumps and scratches or rust and mud.

Anyhoo, there were some positives too - the masking of the nose canopy worked to a degree and some of the work I did with my sanding and filling worked out well. But I do think I need to explore finer specialist modelling abrasives for finishing off.

Next: Finishing off the details and re-masking the canopies before applying the gloss - pre-decal - coat.

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