Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Featured work - Pier's 21st Panzer group

One of the reasons I started my Finnish army project is because I wanted not just to create the look afforded by a single finished model but the combined effect you achieve when you build a collection of themed models together.

I admit this was probably too ambitious for a beginner and I should have done a lot more individual models first as thinking long term and 'big' has really slowed down my ability to show completed models. This is because I have about a dozen or so Finnish vehicles on the go at various stages of completeness.

Anyway, while this is a little disheartening - and the reason I have decided to take a more pragmatic 'one on, one off' approach to projects (one Finnish projects followed by one randomly unrelated kit, e.g. my IL-28 Beagle) - Piers over at the World War 20mm blog has reminded me why I am struggling to create a collective look...

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You can see more of Piers wonderful 21st Panzer collection here: World War 20mm - Panzer Oddities

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