Monday, 24 June 2013

IL-28 Beagle - Finished

Well, it's as finished as I want it anyway. It's been enjoyable and I have learned quite a few new things...

There are quite a few mistakes, but they were very useful mistakes and I was glad to make them on this practise kit rather than on the model I have in mind after this.

I am still unsure about weathering aircraft though, the metal look on this seems to look nice pristine but I guess I could have at least put the panel lines in. Maybe on my next practise model!

Edit: And warning! One mistake I made was destroying one of the decals (hence no port or front on snaps). While the Tamiya decals go on beautifully - they seem extra thin - with no noticeable silvering they did NOT like MICRO SOL decal solution at all!

MICRO SET was OK, but it seems MICRO SOL is a tad too harsh for the Tamiya decals and it actually melted the large port side aircraft number. You live and learn.

1 comment:

  1. While you may see a few issues with your finish Stephen, I think it looks great.

    Museum quality in fact. Well done!