Sunday, 15 July 2012

Featured work - Altaya Steyr RSO/01 done right

Yori over at the wonderful Wargaming Historyczno-Fantastyczny Blog (he's Polish) has basically shown me just what can be achieved with the diecast RSO/01 and what a fantastic job he's done...

His scheme is subtle but very effective, with some lovely pin-washing and highlighting. Additionally, he has modified the thin tarp frame to something more substancial and I'm looking forward to the next one of these he's doing as he is making the tilt cover to go with it.

Painting wise Yori's approach was very simple - he just sprays a couple of coats of the Flames of War Warpaint spray over the model's base scheme before applying his shading.

Yori does some really interesting stuff, and all kudos to him as he does his posts in both Polish and English, his site is well worth a look: Wargaming Historyczno-Fantastyczny Blog

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