Monday, 16 July 2012

Shell Hole Scenic's M40 Nimrod - Part 3

It's delay after delay with this model. I'm really keen to start the turret scratch build, but I've been so engrossed with getting the hull to a state I was happy with that it's taken me a lot more time to get this far than I anticipated. But, I have now definitely done enough work on the hull and I've given it a primer coat of paint (mainly so I can check to see if I smoothed out all the blemishes in the metal).

I've added the little features that mark this out as the Finnish version of this AA tank rather than Shell Hole's Hungarian Nimrod. I've also added new headlamps and adjusted the drivers hatch so there is a bit of space on the left side (your right looking at the above photo).

At the rear, I'm quite pleased with my quick and dirty single pipe exhaust. It's funny how a coat of paint over your patches of filler can make a model look a lot better...

I do have to say that Shell Hole did do quite a nice job with the road-wheels, and even though the tracks are simplified - with no realistic tread - they compare well with some of the quick build kits I've made.

So, let's get that bloody turret started!

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  1. I'm attempting this conversion also. Did you finish the turret/rest of the build?