Monday, 2 July 2012

Wow! Airfix Opel Blitz £4.81 on Amazon!

Nothing much to report today - I'm pretty much in production line mode with my Finnish artillery and so I won't bore you with that. BUT as I'm looking for towing vehicles for my Finns I saw that Amazon are offering the Airfix Opel Blitz for just £4.81 (free delivery if you have Prime).

Now OK - I did say only yesterday that the Opel Blitz DID NOT figure much in the Finnish inventory (contrary to some war gamers' opinion, including the Flames of War guys) but at £4.81 I can afford to chop this kit about to make a pretend Citroen or Volvo!

...And it doesn't matter that's it's 1/76 rather than 1/72 as I will be modifying them, so there won't be any point of reference scale wise. They will just look like smaller light/medium trucks.

I was additionally motivated to buy a couple of these by the review of the kit done by Paul over at the Plastic Warriors blog.

Edit: Blimey! They went quick - there's just one left (there were loads this morning)! Never mind, they are getting more in.


  1. try the pegasus quick builds...i have a few and they made a nice addition to the motor pool.

    1. I've been looking everywhere for the Pegasus German Army Trucks but nowhere seems to have them in stock at the moment! There's none in the UK at all at the moment! :)