Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shell Hole Scenic's M40 Nimrod - Part 2

Despite promising myself not to muck around too much with this model I ended up doing more tweaking of the front hull than I intended - so the turret will have to wait!

Basically, I wanted to do a minor conversion to the Nimrod's front hull to make it look more like the Finnish variant. But while doing this I ended up hacking around with the drivers hatch area, which I think Shell Hole Scenics got wrong. It's still far from correct but I'll settle for this...

And I modified the rear hull, giving it a pretty rudimentary Finnish-style single exhaust. To be honest I could have made a better job and added more detail, but I just wanted to give the impression of the Finnish tank, not build a display model...

Finally, while I liked Shell Hole's Bofors gun for detail there was something about the diameter of the 40mm gun barrel that was niggling me. If I had to guess, at 1/76 this looked more like a 30mm cannon, it just looked a bit too small to me. So I bought a turned brass barrel from Millicast for £2.50 and it's much more to my liking...

So, having taken a bit of a detour with this project it's time to get back on track and deal with the main focal point of this model - the turret!

Next: Converting a Hungarian Nimrod turret into a Finnish Landsverk turret!


  1. Great work, liking where this is going.

    1. Cheers Peabody. It's hard work for me, this is the first time I've worked with white metal. But the next part will be the big test - the turret! :)

  2. Very good so far. The bofors is fantastic.