Sunday, 14 January 2018

Stash Update - 'Project Kursk' Part 1

As my practice IS-2 comes to completion I want to move quickly onto shifting some of the backlog of projects that I had collected last year. Not quite ready to just straight back into my 'Finnish Continuation War' project, I'm moving onto one of my secondary project activities - GF9 TANKS! 'Project Kursk'.

This idea was meant to be a be a slightly more ambitious GF9T game incorporating a greater number of vehicles (5v5 or 6v6) than my first few basic games of 3v3 tanks.

The last two models arrived over Christmas - having anticipated my return to modelling - and my Soviet force is now complete. Here's the 1/100 kit lineup:

• Zvezda KV-1 Heavy Tank
• Zvezda SU-152 Heavy Assault Gun
• 4 x T-34 model 1943 by Zvezda, Battlefront and PSC

The T-34s should be interesting. I have opted to buy examples of each of the three plastic kits available of this tank, from Zvezda, Battlefront and PSC. Strangly enough, I've made the PSC T-34 before, but in 1/72 scale (it's the same kit, simply scaled down). I like doing this sort of direct comparison and look forward to the builds.

Next: 'Project Kursk' Part 2 - German Force.

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