Monday, 1 May 2017

Small Project (Pun or Irony) - 1/100 'Elefant'

I love tank destroyers, they are my favourite type of armoured vehicle. So, when I started playing GF9's 'TANKS' tabletop game I was very keen to start adding 'TDs' to my model collection. And, quite by chance, while visiting my local model store I was really excited to find that they just happened to have a Zvezda 1/100 scale 'Elefant' (or 'Ferdinand', as they prefer to call it)...

At just £3.50 I couldn't not buy this and in any case, it would make a wonderful practise painting project to get me used to working with this smaller scale.

As usual with Zvezda's 'Art of Tactic' range of wargaming models, the kit is simplified and there are only a handful of parts...

The whole thing is designed to 'snap together' and I had it completed in five minutes. But despite the model's simplified detailing it still looks an impressive little thing...

From a historical point of view, the actual usefulness of this particular tank is somewhat limited. It was rushed into service for use in The Battle of Kursk and it was hampered by many design flaws as a result. However, despite its weaknesses, this tank destroyer still took a horrendous toll on Soviet armour. But, by 1944 it was technically 'obsolete' as more satisfying designs became available (like the Jagdpanther) and aside from a small cameo part in the Italian campaign, the 'Elefant' apparently disappeared from the German inventory.

Knocked out Elefant, Italy, 1944. Source: Wikipedia.
I have read that two remaining Elefants did take part in the final battle for Berlin, but this was just an indication of how desperate the Nazis were by this point. As far as I can tell, these tank destroyers did not take part in the Normandy campaigns. So, from the point of view of my GF9 'TANKS' game, it won't be making regular appearances.

Next: Priming and choosing a camo pattern.

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