Monday, 6 February 2017

New Armourfast Stug IV

I like Armourfast (and the other war game 'easy build' manufacturers), their kits give you (or rather 'me') a challenge - 'how good can you make these simplified models look?'

Well, it's been a while since Armourfast brought out anything new, so it was a nice surprise to get an email from them this morning announcing a brand new model. Never ones to ignore what the people (seem to) want, they decided to add some more German armour to their range...

Now, I'm developing into a bit of a Stug fan, so this Mk. IV is very tempting, even if I have absolutely no need for it in any of my current projects.

it also raises some wishful thinking on the part of Armourfast fans - will they have modified their simplified track process to include some better track detail? (I suspect not.) Also, in the past, there has been some deviation from what you get in the box and what the box artwork depicts, so will the detailed illustration match the number of parts? (Again, I doubt it, forget the headlamps and aerial for a start! But, I do hope they include the distinctive remote controlled MG.)

Update: Just had a quick gander at the pictures on the Armourfast website and, sadly, no, the remote MG is NOT part of the kit!

Very 'clean' interpretation of the Stug IV (especially given the nice detailed box artwork)!
Price is a reasonable £7.50 for two models, but, as usual, you will have to weight up whether this simplified kit is right for your needs. But, there again, none of the other 'easy build' manufacturers have a Stug IV, so Armourfast may have spotted a gap in the market.

Link to the Armourfast Stug IV page.

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  1. Let me check if I don't have any spare remote MG's (or at least the armoured flaps) for you in my spares box or on the sprue, as I really don't need them for my early war StuG builds, ok?