Friday, 3 February 2017

This week's Game Report - 'Russian Front'

Here are a few snaps from last nights 'Bolt Action' game at the Scarborough Games Society. This time, in keeping with the wintery weather we are 'enjoying' here in Yorkshire, it was a WW2 Eastern Front themed game, pitting a war-weary Wehrmacht against a rampaging Red Army...

Unfortunately, winter camo couldn't hide these Germans from Soviet shell-fire!
There was plenty of bitter 'close quarter' urban action.
You can check more of the photos from the night by popping over to my Flickr album: Scarborough Games Society 2/2/2017.

Scarborough Games Society 2/2/2017

Or, if you prefer something with a bit more of my rambling narrative, you can check out my game report on my Milgeek blog: Cold Steel on the Russian Front!

As usual, there were a lot of other very exciting games going on, I managed to snap some pics of just a couple that were going on on the tables immediately adjacent to ours. It all looked amazing...

Spectacular Egyptian themed Bolt Action game in progress!
It wasn't all traditional historical war games...These little chaps caught my eye!
There were at least a dozen other games gong on, from board games to even a VR racing game. Something for everyone, young and old. Superb night!

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