Sunday, 24 January 2016

Chevrolet Radio Van conversion - Part 9

On the final stretch now. My Chevy van nears completion as I go a bit mad with the weathering!

I decided from the start that I wanted a really dirty, war-weary vehicle this time. The reasoning behind this being that, by 1944 my 1939 vintage Chevrolet van would have seen better days, and, therefore, the weathering would be pretty heavy.

As you can see, the van is the worse for wear with chipping and plenty of mud and dirt. In fact, I had the usual worry about when enough was enough. Hopefully, I haven't gone too far.

All that's left to do is apply the last coat of varnish (matt) and the removed the windscreen masks. At this point, I'll have to decide how I will deal with the windows - I guess they should be dirty too.

I also made the base for the model. The usual process...

I have a feeling I should be looking to improve my 'grass' technique, but the problem is that I want this base to match those I have already done. So, I can go changing my approach too much or start using a new static grass medium.

Well, that's about it. Last thing to do will be to add the headlamps using some PVA. I'll pop in a couple of drops of Formula '560' Canopy Glue by Pacer, these should dry crystal clear and make nice 'glass' headlights.

Next: The completion photos (I hope).

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