Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Interlude - Repairing broken T-34/85 track!

I found this video facinating. It shows a working example of a T-34/85 having a broken track repaired by volunteers at Finland's Parola armour museum in 2012.

Plenty of detail for the modeller and a treat for those who despise Health & Safety practises! :)

Sadly, this isn't an example of one of the museums T-34/85s in Finnish colours. Interesting tank crew dress though, quite a cosmopolitan collection!

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  1. Interesting technique. Last time I changed a track (1969), I simply drove the vehicle over the track (very slowly) then pulled the remaining track over the top with a rope attached to a Land Rover! Yes.. a tank can go in a straight(ish) line with only one track if you go slowly enough! Jolly hard work with a high risk of finger loss!!