Thursday, 7 January 2016

Finnish T-26 m1933 - Part 7

Well, I think this is part 7 anyway (having done some intermediary work that involved the Pegasus T-26 models). In any case, this is just a small update to show the completed brace of little Pegasus tanks...

The little Pegasus E-Z Build T-26s went together as advertised, with just  one slight adjustment to the tracks. As I mentioned in a previous post, the track components stick out a bit so you need to sand the retaining pegs to get them to sit nice and flush with the fenders.

A minor niggle, as the two other 'improvements' I made were personal choices. For pure war gaming play, they build perfectly well 'out the box'.

Next is the basic painting of the camo scheme to bring the three new models up to the same state as my pilot example.

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