Wednesday, 25 January 2012

T-34 track mod - Part 3

Well, started the painting today. I used the tutorial at as a guide for the process and I used a mixture of washes and pigments (including the Vallejo pigments)... 


It's a messy process! Or maybe it's just my newbie efforts that are sloppy...In any case it was hard for me to judge just how much pigment to use and when to stop as I didn't know how each subsequent layer would affect the final result. I suppose once I have done a few of these I will know the correct 'recipe'.

Here's the incomplete paint job plonked on the side of another experiment I'm doing just to get an idea how it might look when finished... 


The final stage was dry brushing some silver for the metal finish. 

There is still a lot to do, the wheels are to be painted Russian Green and then weathered - and I have to decide how to paint the inside (the back) of the tracks. 

One interesting thing about the pigments - I actually couldn't tell the difference between using the expensive Vallejo pigments and my cheap conte crayon (sanded into powder)! >head scratch< 

What do you think? Is it working? 

Maybe I should finish with a thin dark wash to give some depth and tone down the vivid colours? 

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