Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What next?

I realise that my 1/24 'Mad Max' project is a little 'off topic' for this blog really so I am looking at what I should do next that does continue the current project theme. Having rummaged about in my stash boxes I pulled out three interesting little light truck - all of which were used by the Finns during WW2...

From top to bottom; ACE Kfz. 17 Radio Car, MMS white metal Renault AGC 1.5ton G.S. Truck kit and finally a Military Wheels Gaz-AA.

OK, obviously I am continuing the truck theme, but it would be nice to do something 'small' compared to the big Yag-6 I have just finished. The Gaz and Renault would be intended as light artillery haulage (perhaps AA guns) but that Kfz.17 is a dedicated communications wagon.

The Finns - I am informed - received two of these specialist German radio cars when they purchased some StuGs from their - then - allies. In fact I managed to find a photo of one of them...

Not a great photo, but I do like to have some photographic evidence of the vehicles I am building in actual use by the Finns as records are either a bit thin on the ground or only available in Finnish!

...I'm sort of leaning towards the Kfz. 17 as it's a bit more interesting than 'just another truck'!

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