Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Kitnoob goes big!

This is sort of a 'trailer' post for my next project. It's an exciting one as it's the first 'club project' I have ever undertaken and has a proper theme, deadline and set scale!

I'm not going to give away much before I do the first real project post BUT I just wanted you to be able to join in my worried shock at the immensity of this new model...

...Oh blimey! Kitnoob goes big, 1/24 scale big!

This model just (only just) fits onto my laptop work-tray! And, the wheels are taller than most of the 1/72 vehicles I have made so far!

Any guesses what the theme is? (Clue...Some of the guys from the Hull Scale Model Club recently went to the cinema!)

...This all seemed like such a fun idea when we talked about it - now I see the actual size of a 1/24 scale car I'm getting cold feet!