Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mad Max Project Prep No.1

Prep 1. RUST

I do like to research - sometimes I think I like and spend more time researching projects than I do building and painting my models (...No wonder I still only have about a dozen models completed after all this time)!

Anyway - I'm posting up some random 'prep' for my big Mad Max: Fury Road project, so I hope I won't bore you with the various items of research and techniques that I will be collecting together. (I like to keep this stuff on the blog as it makes it easy for me to find them again when I need them.)

Anyhoo, first piece of research - making a car look rusty...Kinda a big part of the Mad Max 'look' will be a heavily corroded effect on the bodywork of my kit, but I found these videos to help me out...

First off, as a brilliant introduction to get you in the mood, here's a bit of eye-candy from the legendary Doctor Cranky...

And how do I make the rust? Here's a couple of ideas...

Next: Designing my Mad Max car conversion.

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