Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Featured work - East Neuk Model Club 1/72 Airfix 'Hawks'

Been a while since I did a featured work post but this one has particular relevance to my main current project - the Airfix 1/72 Curtiss Hawk (in Tomahawk IIA guise). I have been following the excellent 'MakingModelsAgain' YouTube channel (highly recommended) and was very excited to find that he was involved with a club build of the Airfix Hawk.

Well, his club - who are obviously far more committed modellers than I am - finished their group project and a video of the results has been duly posted...

A little depressing as they ALL put my meagre effects to shame (even though mine is not fully completed yet) and they all show some wonderfully creative weathering effects for this aircraft.

Still, has given me some ideas! :)

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