Monday, 27 April 2015

Airfix 1/72 'Tilly' utility vehicle Part 3

Well, despite the wife's unrelenting DIY regime I did find a little time over the weekend to make a tiny bit of progress on the 'Tilly'! As before I have documented this build by means of a video slideshow (but I have added some text commentary this time)...

It's all going fairly well, but I have hit on one small snag. To include this vehicle in the RAF 'Tomahawk' diorama I have planned I will want some RAF personnel. But, unfortunately, the Airfix Vehicle Set that the Tilly comes in doesn't include any figures at all (no drivers or ground crew).

I blatantly realised that this was because they want you to buy their own 1/72 'RAF Ground Crew' plastic figure set (naturally enough). More expense!

Still, the set does include a selection of very nicely posed ground crew and pilots (including one female WAAF). I bought the set from Amazon and have been sorting through the poses and have picked out a group I would like to include. My one qualm is that they are soft plastic figures and so have a little flash and some seams which I will have to try and get rid of.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow. As said before, I'm experimenting with this format so please feel free to make any constructive criticisms

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