Monday, 6 April 2015

Airfix 1/72 Tomahawk IIA - Part 9

Canopy masking, painting and attachment
And now to the bit I've been dreading. Although I've done a couple of aircraft since taking up modelling again I am still affected by memories of the mess I used to make of my model canopies when I was a kid. If I didn't get glue on them - usually a thumbprint - I made a dog's dinner of painting the canopy framework.

To complicate my worries I had decided to try out a technique whereby I dip the canopy components in Johnson's Klear floor wax. This is said to give transparent plastic parts an extra sparkle as well as protecting the 'glass' parts while you undertake work on them.

I didn't do this job quite right and unfortunately I got what is called 'pooling' where too much Klear congregates in a tiny puddle in one place and drys to for a little blob. It's fifty-fifty as to whether these blemishes are noticeable so I haven't tried to rectify them in case I make them worse. But it's worth noting that if you do want the clean off Klear again should you make a mistake you can do so using 'Windex' window cleaning liquid (which contains ammonia).

The big chunks of masking tape are protecting the rear cockpit windows, overkill
perhaps but I don't want and mishaps when I spray.
I then give the parts a quick pass with Humbrol grey primer before applying a couple of light coats of Vallejo's RAF Dark Green to match the fuselage camo pattern. Then it's the moment of truth when I remove the masking.

I suppose I could have simply painted the frame by hand, starting with an enamel priming coat. Spraying does seem a little much - and a bit wasteful - when it's just small parts like this but I do like a nice sharp line so I think it's worth it.

I'm not really pleased with the results. I've made a bit of a mess of this bit of the model - first by the bad application of Klear and then by spraying the frame instead of panting it by hand (the photo flatters the job I've made of it, it's not that good).

I'm sorely tempted to start again with one of the canopies from my other Airfix P-40. I'll sleep on it (which is always the best thing to do if you are unsure about something.)

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