Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kitnoob goes BIG with Trumpeter's 1/35 T-54B

OK, time for something a bit different I think. I had been toying with the idea of trying out a 1/48 or 1/35 scale kit for a while now, and I have to admit the strain of my eyes had more than a little to do with my curiosity about this 'big' scale.

Well, recently I happened to visit Hull's 'Real Model Shop' on Beverley Road - just round the corner from my workplace. I had visited this shop before but as my principal interest was 1/72 armour I found that they're specialism in 'big' scale models meant that I didn't find any models for me  at the time, but then they had only recently opened I think.

Anyway, my latest visit was far more productive (even though I had only popped in for a pot of paint)!

It turns out that unbeknownst to me the guys at the shop had help form the Hull Scale Model Club. A small club of talented enthusiast who meet the first Sunday of every month. This is really good news as my home town doesn't have a model club and as I work in Hull travelling there posses little problem for the monthly meetings.

As mentioned the HSMC chaps are primarily 1/35 fans and I mentioned to them that although I world in 'Braille Scale' I have had a hankering to do something bigger no for a while. Just to see what all the fuss was about. And they suggested I have a go at a cheap and cheerful model first - rather like the way I started with Armourfast in 1/72, just to find my feet.

They had a very attractively priced Trumpeter T-54B on the shelf and - as a bit of a fan of Soviet armour - I couldn't resist...

Reviews are mixed about this kit, it isn't the best but - importantly - it isn't
the most complicated either. I certainly didn't want my first 1/35 to be one
of the newer Tamiya models...No super-detailing for me just now!
I have to admit, the chance to work on something a little larger was not only to save myself continued eyestrain but was also because some of the weathering techniques I have been keen to try out really need a bigger canvas to work effectively. A cheap, easy to build Soviet tank seemed like the perfect test.

About the Hull Scale Model Club
What surprised me is this club has been around for a couple of years now, but it's the first I had heard of it. In their own words...

"We are a bunch of friendly like minded modellers who share a common interest...We hold club competitions and attend model shows, we also have guests attend to give demonstrations or just sit and drink coffee. We have no set discipline of model making all ages and abilities welcome to join us."

HSMC table at 'Sword & Lance 2015' show.
This friendly outlook was what impressed me when I attended my first meeting at the beginning of this month. The chaps there are really not precious about what you make or how you make it, so long as you have fun doing what you are doing.

Hull Scale Model Club web site:

The club regularly attends various model shows and just last weekend they had a very successful jaunt over to 'Sword and Lance 2015' in Darlington and came away with several awards (including some first places) for their entries.

About the T-54...
I have several ideas how I might like to build this kit, the front-runners being a Finnish (Finnish again) version in a very nice splinter camo pattern and also an idea for my first attempt at a wrecked tank (everyone has to do a wreck at some point, it's modelling law)!

Next: I decide on the plan of action!

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