Sunday, 26 October 2014

Quick '39 Chevy Truck Part 6

I began the base paint coat but soon found I wasn't happy with the tilt canvas. In order to make this truck look a little different from the other versions of the Valiant model I have I decided I needed to modify the canvas folds, just to make each version look a little more individual.

Using Milliput putty to add extra folds was easy enough, but then I found I needed to blend the additional detail in by using Mr. Surfacer with a stippling texture.

Once dry I gave the tilt quick spray of the Humbrol Light Olive base colour and then slapped on a sepia wash...

So, all the upper body base colours are done now but I have to install the driver and finish off the underside details. This means I might have to put in the windows now while I can still access the cab interior through the hole I made in the bottom of the cab.

- I'm undecided which stage in the modelling is best to install windows in my trucks. I've tried leaving fitting the windshields until last, but on my YaG-6 model I fitted the windows quite early, but this time I'm putting them in during this mid-way stage. To be honest I think it might be different each time depending on the model. -

Anyway, once the windows are done I'll mask them out (just to be safe) and then start the pin-washing stage.

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