Sunday, 19 October 2014

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 German Stowage set

All good things comes to he who waits! PSC have answered my wishes that someone makes a vehicle stowage set - not just with the usual crates, tarps and spare road-wheels but one that provides driver figures and other small items useful for 'dressing up' you vehicle model.

Click on picture to enlarge.
This set - which includes 3 of the above pictured sprues for £12.95 - also includes tank commander and driver figures, which is very welcome (given my moans about the lack of 1/72 driver figure sets).

There is enough in this set to embellish a large number of your German vehicles and it should last you quite some time so represents good value for money really. It's usefulness is not restricted to vehicle customisation either as the small items of personal infantry kit are particularly nice for undertaking figure conversions.

- Though a word of warning: PSC figures are slightly larger than most other makes of 1/72 figures - like Revell and ESCI, etc, so you may find the weapons a little large for integrating with other makes. -

This is a really nice set, although I still think it's missing some items, like spare headlamps and tools. Headlamps are so often neglected from 'quick build' models, as are horns, tow hooks and other smaller surface detail. But maybe I am being picky.

I hope PSC follow this set up with similar sets for other nations (Soviet set please). :)

Plastic Soldier Company - 1/72nd German stowage and tank commanders.


  1. When this came in my email, I thought it is a great idea. If only for more crew figures. I enjoy making my own stowage though.

    1. Yes, I was really pleased abut the drivers (only one steering wheel though).