Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On the workbench, October 2014

Just thought it would be nice to take a snap of the current workbench. At the moment I have a small fleet of Finnish trucks in various states of completion...

I found it amusing to see what is practically all the stages in my kit making process in the one place. From construction (YaG-6), to base coating (Chevy 1939), to highlighting (Ford Werkes V3000) to the final mounting prior to completion (Ford V3000).


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    1. Cheers Paul! Always very flattering to get positive feedback from far more experienced modellers. This is sort of a landmark in my modelling career as I am getting more confident and even a tiny bit faster in putting together an acceptable model.So this was an interesting snap from my point of view. Not least because I finally feel I am making some inroads into my Finnish army project. :)