Thursday, 21 March 2013

Man Cave Refurbishment - progress

Modelling has been intermittent over the past couple of weeks as I try to get my 'man cave' in order. What was our dumping ground for all our detritus has been officially assigned to me as my new Man Cave.

First job was clearing out a lot of the rubbish so I could actually get into this attic space. This is an ongoing job but at least I managed to move my gaming computer and desk in (priority!) as 'World of Tanks' is my overriding source of calm and sanity!

Having created a bit of space at the far end of the attic I discovered that the back wall was in dire need of some emergency decorating as we seem to have developed some damp (possibly due to some deteriorating chimney flashing). The house is Victorian and such niggles are inevitable I suppose.

So I am half-way through my temporary DIY damp-proofing and patching. I know short term fixes like this are self-defeating in the end but our schedule was to have the roof and chimney looked at next year and this half-assed measure will have to suffice.

My intension is to make an 'L' shaped work bench at the far end to accomodate my modelling and airbrushing...IF I can eBay more of our 'junk' that is! :)

Above: World of Tanks - for when a chap can't actually make some tanks!


  1. Always a joy to see someone else's 'toy room'.

    1. Hee hee, well probably not in this state. But at least you can see the carpet now (just)! I can't wait to get the second (modelling) desk up.