Thursday, 28 March 2013

Featured work - Early War Miniatures

Of course I usually feature the work of other modellers, but let's take a moment to appreciate the modelling done at the model makers end of things. I was particularly charmed by the 20mm figures and vehicles made by Early War Miniatures.

Belgian FN Tri-car, can be used as gun carrier
What I like is the range of models and figures for the smaller nations. 'Why?' I hear you say: 'They got trounced by the Germans!' Well, yes aside from 'what if?" scenarios the real history of the early war performance of nations like much-maligned France and particularly Holland was not in fact as bad as we commonly believe today. The Dutch especially gave the Germans a bit of a bloody nose for their size.

Dutch 75mm NM10 Krupp Siderius field gun and 6 crew men
I am a big fan of the underdog - hence my interest in the Finns - and it is often a cause of wonder 'what if?' other smaller armies (or larger armies like the French and Poles) had been organised, deployed or utilised in slightly more flexible and modern ways. It was - after all - the 'new' tactics used by the Germans as much as their equipment that won them their stunning victories. Or at least that's how I perceive things.

I especially feel sorry for the French who did make the Germans pay a price for taking their country...But anyway, back to the point...

Belgian SA FRC 47mm AT gun & crew

EWM make a lovely selection of models from:

French Army 1939 to 1943
British Empire 1930 till 1943
Dutch Army of 1940
Belgian Army of 1940
Norwegian Army of 1940
Polish Army of 1939
German Army Early War 1938 1942
Italian Army 1936 till 1943
Japanese Imperial Army
Other nations & export arms
Greek Army 1938 till 1941

(Thanks to Eastern Funker's 'Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist' blog for bringing this to my attention.)

If I *ever* finish my Finnish 1/72 army I would like to have a go at a 20mm Dutch or Belgian army from this period, and I would be happy to start with the work of Early War Miniatures.


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