Saturday, 2 March 2013

Featured work - Darkbirk's KV-1

Wonderful Trumpeter KV-1 over at the 'Are We Not Men?' blog. By complete co-incidence I was at the point of buying this model yesterday for my Finnish army's heavy tank company, but at the last minute purchased something else...Now I'm kicking myself, the KV-1 is such a terrific looking beast.

As usual Darkbirk has done a lovely little photo vignette of this tank - the flamethrower version - tackling an enemy bunker (which is similarly excellent). There are more photos of this little diorama here: AWNM? - The guild - build up 2012 (9)

1 comment:

  1. Stephen,
    thanks again for posting some of my work on your lovely blog.

    I can deeply recommend the KV 1 renditions of PST and Trumpeter.