Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Altaya 1/72 T-50 - Part 8

Painting the 'elastic band' tracks
Now onto the fiddly 'elastic band' tracks of the Altaya model. To be fair, these vinyl tracks are probably better than some of the older Airfix tracks that I remember from modelling as a kid. Altaya have managed to get quite a delicate pattern on reasonably thin band of soft plastic.

I wasn't happy with the vinyl tracks I painted for my RSO tractor, so I thought I'd do a bit more work with weathering powders to make the effect a little less bland. I began with a black primer, then a wash of Vallejo's Rust followed by a dusting of Vallejo's Green Earth pigment.

This turned out a little too light and patchy for my taste (which only became apparent once the first layer of pigment - mixed with MIG's Pigment Fixer - dried) so then I applied a light overall dusting of Humbrol's Dark Earth weathering powder. Just to tone things down a little and unify the effect...

So, now I have a more even rusty, muddy colour across the tracks. But, it's a bit 'flat' looking so it needs some shadow and highlighting now, to finish it off.

I'll conclude this post by saying I loath 'elastic band' tracks. In the end, no matter what kind of job you do painting them you know they will deform when you stretch them to put them back on the tanks' running gear. I much prefer solid plastic tracks.

I will be hiding the joining seam at the bottom, of course. And, unfortunately, there is no track pattern detail on the inside of the elastic band, so both of these failings will have to be camoflagued with 'mud'.

Next: Well, folks. That's about it for this one (I won't bother showing my base making process as I've done this a good few time now). So, next time you see this model will be the completion photos. Another one bites the dust!

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