Saturday, 20 February 2016

T-50 - so close, but no cigar!

Had to share out my holiday time this week, so my plan to get my T-50 complete by today didn't come to pass. But I gave it a good go, and in the end I missed my own target by just a smidgen...

So, close...But still some final touches to do.
Another reason this model is 'so close' but doesn't quite hit the mark is probably the authenticity. But I get the feeling that will always be the case with all my Finnish projects. So few of the models I intend to include in my collection have reliable, certified original reference examples to go by.

Still, what is perhaps just as important for a wargame collection, like this one, is that I am quite happy with the colour scheme I have produced in the end. If nothing else, I think it's quite attractive! (Forgive my self-congratulation.)

This 3-colour scheme will be the standard which I will be applying to all my other Finnish tanks (though the exact pattern of the camo will vary). It's sort of a case that I have nailed my colours to the post and that's that!

A final note on diecast conversions
In the end I think I got away with this conversion, that was mainly due to the good job that Altaya made of their interpretation of the Soviet T-50 light tank in the first place. Though I'm still not happy with the bend tracks!

It makes me tempted to have a go and try and convert the remaining Altaya models I have for this project (such as my KV-1, T-34/75 and T-28). But I will have to take into consideration the complexity of the work and the thickness of teh diecast metal which will need to be modified. The T-34, in particular, seems like it would be a little bit of a nightmare and I may still replace this with a plastic kit (as there are panty of plastic versions available - I have two in my stash).

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