Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cheap Ford-Werke V3000 (Pt.9) - Cargo Pt.1

(Building a Rapid Fire! Finnish Army HQ Part 10)
As this is my HQ Battalion's supply truck I suppose I better start thinking about making some cargo. However, I like the idea that I might be able to keep the troop benches available for a secondary use, so I have been also thinking about how I can manage this.

I decided that if I make a sort of palette - rectangle of card - that would sit on the troop benches and then I could then glue cut down items of cargo onto this as if the cargo bed were full of supplies. I would then be able to lift out the 'palette' when I wanted to use the truck as a troop carier.

In the above photo you can see my motley collection of cargo bits and pieces. There is also my finished cab interior with - roughly - painted driver and seating (I haven't glued the truck cab and flatbed to the chassis yet). The piece of white plasticard is my palette, cut to the shape of the truck's cargo bed.

The extra tyres are the spare rear wheels from the Pegasus American Army truck which I didn't use, I guess spare tyres are a good cargo? I have some ammo boxes and an oil drum (from the trusty Airfix Jeep kit) and some HO/OO railway crates, sacks and barrels.

Could use some more oil drums, may have to visit the local railway model shop at lunchtime. :)

NEXT: Put them all together and paint them!

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