Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cheap Ford-Werke V3000 (Pt.7) - Base coat

(Building a Rapid Fire! Finnish Army HQ Part 8)
This is more like it, I always feel I am making some real progress when I start to get the paint on. In this case a quick spray with Humbrol's No. 86 Light Olive aerosol, which I think is a reasonable match for the colour on the truck in the reference of the Finnish V3000 I am using.

Base coat applied to my V3000 model

Next I have to paint some of the other base areas like the tyres and I have the cab to interior to paint fully before gluing in the windows. I am playing this one by ear really.

Edit: Looking at this in the cold light of day I should add that this looks a little lighter than the olive green actually is due to the harsh flash on my camera (it's actually a shade darker).

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  1. Hi Stephen.

    I like your work on this truck. Part 7 is the oldest part I can find on it. Are parts 1 to 6 here and I'm just not finding them ? I'm curious as to what kit this is, and what you did to it in the logs preceding this update.