Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cheap Ford-Werke V3000 (Pt.8) - Windscreens

(Building a Rapid Fire! Finnish Army HQ Part 9)
Another tiny step forward with the installation of my homemade windscreens and the rudamentry painting of the cab interior...

As you may know, this was the first time that I have made clear plastic wind shields for a  model so forgive me if I am a wee bit pleased with myself. Everything went well and the canopy glue worked exactly as advertised, drying crystal clear.

I was surprised when I squeezed this 'special' glue out as it looked just like PVA and smelled just like PVA...Can't say whether it tasted like PVA but I have my suspicions! But it worked and it stuck the plastic bits together fine.

Best of all though - and my biggest worry - the canopy glue did not stain or mark my base coat of paint. Even when I wiped away some excess glue with a wet brush it completely vanished when dry. So perhaps the money was well spent after all.

Obviously trying to photograph transparent plastic is something of a challenge, but I assure you the windows are now there!

An additional bit of plastic was glued in place for the American style split windscreen (which still has to be painted) and I am considering whether to glue on some tiny wipers too.

The split windscreen is an interesting feature and is not present on all model V3000s. The German made versions of this truck seem to only have a single piece glass windscreen. I am guessing, from what scant information I have read, that the split screen was a feature of the American made or commercial models of this truck. In any case the Finnish V3000 photo I am basing my model on does have this split screen.

Next: A light spray of varnish before I start the pin wash and weathering.

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