Thursday, 17 January 2013

Featured work - Tim's Retro Toy Soldiers

Tim Gow - from over at the MegaBlitz Blog - has posted up an item that has made me realize that painting military models doesn't have to be all about 'rivet counting' or coming up with an amazing new way to render realsistic looking rust - he has painted some fantastic retro-style Cossack toy soldiers...

Tim Gow's restro style toy Cossack cavalry soldiers

If you are my age you may remember with much fondness no doubt the painted soldiers made by the Britains company of the UK, these followed in the fine tradition of hand painted toy soldiers which stemmed from Victorian times. I had a small collection of these myself (British Grenadiers) and always aspired to have a big army, sadly this never happened.

(One of my inspirations was the film 'Young WInston' [1972] in the scene where Churchill as a boy marshalled a large collection of toy British colonial troops in his bedroom.)

Tim's painting style mimics this antique method of painting soldiers down to the gloss finish and look authentically Victorian in their turn out. These figures seem to be for a historical-fantasy game based on a 'Ruratania' type fictional European conflict from the turn of the 20th century (apologies if I have got that wrong Tim), but they look splendidly authentic all the same.

I am very tempted to have a go at this style myself - if I can come up with a suitable theme (I am a Steampunk fan so have a couple of ideas).

Tim Gow's MegaBlitz Blog: Quick Steppe


  1. Thanks (again) for the kind words. You may want to look at The Funny Little Wars site ( and my own FLW game reports on the blog.

    1. Damn you Tim! I started readying and found myself uttering those ominous words 'Oh, that looks interesting...!' ;)

    2. Same thing happened to me...