Sunday, 3 July 2016

You live and learn...Airbrushing fail!

I fancied getting a bit fancy with my Spitfire Vb paint test model and do a bit of pre-shading. It all started out very well, outlining panels and applying powders to get a dirty panel look...

But, unfortunately, there were a couple of flaws in my cunning plan. First of all, I made a schoolboy error in choosing my paint for the underside - though, to be fair, I consulted a couple of forum threads on the subject of WW2 RAF desert schemes and was convinced that VAllejo's Model Air 'Blue' (xxx) was an appropriate colour for the underside of my Spit...Wrong!

Yes, I did think, at the time, 'that looks a little green', but I thought it might dry a little different. It didn't - so I had to rectify my mistake by over-spraying the green with Vallejo's Model Color Azure (proper blue) instead!

Of course, after two coats of colour I had completely obscured my carefully applied pre-shading.

But, hey-ho, that's what a colour test is for I suppose - it would have been worse if this was the actual project model. Also, I have now come to the conclusion that subtle air-brush effects like semi-transparent pre-shading are beyond my entry-level Revell airbrush.

It's a great brush for applying flat coats and a step up from the rattle-cans I used to use, but a bit ham-fisted for anything delicate of that demands fine control.

I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board, and I will revert to my tried and tested post-shading process using powders and oils (which I am quite comfortable with having had some successes using these mediums with my vehicle models).

You live and learn.

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