Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hobby Boss 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC - Part 2.5

Oh, bugger!

When I bought this Hobby Boss Hurricane Mk. IIC (European Theatre) I did think 'wish it had been the desert version' to match my Hobby Boss desert Spitfire. The desert Hurricane - Mk. IIC 'Trop' - has a distinctive enlarged air-intake 'chin', which the European Hurricane didn't have...

The Hobby Boss Hurricane kit only comes with two paint schemes, both European aircraft, so I thought - naturally - that they had missed a trick by not including the desert version option. Well, that was until I started building the kit, and then I found this...

Du-oh! If only I had checked the sprue before I begun I could have made the desert version after all. I did wonder why the I had to fill the model's 'chin' with putty to fill out the shape. Grrrr.

Still, to make the desert version I would have had to had bought a third-party set of decals.

Missed opportunity.

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