Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Day After Christmas!

...Just recovering from the Christmas Day so it's a late MERRY CHRISTMAS from me!

I would just like to add how pleased I am with my one model related Christmas present - it's something totally different from what I have done so far, but also something I have always been interested in. (I can blame Mr. Tim Gow for this, as he spotted these Airfix kits going cheap in Aldi of all places!)

This really is a blast from the past! I was in love with the original Airfix P-40 E A1 kit (in the old style plastic bag) when I was a kid so this was a lovely bit of nostalgia. Of course, the new Airfix Curtiss Tomahawk IIB is a completely new tooling and is pretty nice.

This is my Festive holiday project and will be a lovely change of pace. I've gathered together some interesting reference books, including a specialist Osprey modelling volume on the P-40 series...

I'm looking forward to relaxing with this project this festive holiday and I really hope you all have something similarly enjoyable from Santa this year...

Best wishes, and have a Happy New Year.



  1. Merry Christmas
    A nice little prezzie, I'll have to make an excuse to "pop to the shop " too